Moon Medicine for June ~ INTUITION & CLARITY

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Moon Medicine for June ~ INTUITION & CLARITY


This moon ritual kit was created during the energies of the Moon cycle in June 2017, at the New Moon in Gemini & for the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Included in this kit are alchemical products created from the heart of the Cosmos & Mother Earth to bring a synergy into your life to heal, create change, enhance ritual & gratitude in your daily life.  Harnessing the properties that the moons' cycles are transiting, and then manifesting them into your life with the help of Nature's Medicines.

Roll-on Essential Oil Blend: Synergy of Sandalwood, Myrrh, Clary Sage, Fennel Seed, Clementine Petigrain, Grapefruit & Paulo Santo Essential oils.  It was created during the new moon energies and blended in an Amethyst crystal infused Jojoba oil for activation of the pineal gland and connecting to your Intuition and gaining Clarity of purpose!  100% NATURAL.

Sip 'n Soak: Ritual herbal blend of Peppermint, Lavender, Parsley & Marjoram ~ made with Rose and Orchid petals, and Epsom salts, Dead Sea Salts, Sea Salt & Baking Soda.  To be used during the Full Moon in Sagittarius to cleanse, purge, detox, and release any negative unwanted energies.

Smudge Stick: Cedar, Sage & Lavender - for grounding, and clearing - to be burnt throughout the home and for the body during the entire month to cleanse & purify your space of any harmful energies.

Agate Crystal: for courage, hope, harmony, protection & positive thinking; to be carried with you in your pocket or in your car.

Candle to burn in gratitude and honouring of self and spirit.

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