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New Moon Eclipse Circle & Sound Bath

I am delighted to be teaming up with my divine sister, Saleste Mele ~ who shares my passion for sound healing & high vibrational food, thoughts & experiences. Join us if you are ready for a deeply healing & transformative evening of sound, ceremony, gratitude and intention setting on this New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse! A time of RESET and to attune the body to the coming winter themes of rest, rejuvenation, and going inward. New moons are a time fertile with creative potential to create new habits or rituals in your daily life! The New Moon Eclipse will be in Capricorn at 15*

We will be playing with crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, tuning forks, chimes & bells, and are blessed to have with us the Chiron & Sedna Gongs! These are 2 minor, outer planets that represent the Healer archetype, and the Resurrection from deep, dark & bleak places!

  • Tenacity (SEDNA=Feminine) and Wisdom/Mastery (CHIRON=Masculine)

CHIRON ~ the wisest and justest of all the centaurs - relates to the wound in our soul. Chiron was a teacher, a master, he is symbolized by the “wounded healer” and represents our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound!

SEDNA ~ Discovered in 2003. Three times farther from the Sun than Neptune. Sedna is legend of the Sea Goddess. She deals with betrayal from Men, and Resurrection from deep, dark, and bleak places!

  • Combining these 2 gongs will bring healing to your *Original Wounding*

We will have a deep meditation & relax into the sound vibration which impart healing onto the body, opening up the energy channels and clearing the pathways, or meridians.  Sounds vibration is the fastest way to bring a shift to the subtle bodies.

There will be sharings of a decoction, infusions & other surprises; and as always a discussion of the cosmic energies we are immersed in during this time. Start this inward cycle & reset point with a clear intention of where you want to plant your seeds and where you want to direct your energy for the coming year!

Bring a yoga mat, a sweater or a blanket, a journal, and a water bottle.

$65 offering - RSVP to for attendance & directions. Space is limited

If this is not quite in your budget at this time, donations are also kindly accepted to offer whatever you are able.

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