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Fall Equinox Sound Bath Meditation

The leaves are falling, and as the seasons turn, we could take a lesson from Nature in how to LET GO gracefully.  Most of us carry around long, inherited, old patterns and structures.  These dictate how our life operates, and what is possible for us.  Well it is time to shake free of those, and let go of any patterns that are no longer serving us! Fall is the pivotal time to let go, and shed the past.  With the help of a sound frequency immersion, you can open the pathways to clear out, and help the bones to release all of the old structures that you may be holding onto at this time.  

Using crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, drums & bells, we will have a relaxation and meditation to release these old patterns, while the sound vibrations impart healing onto the body, opening up, and clearing the energy channels to help you to release, and let go.  Also very relaxing, and healing; the sound frequency puts the brain into the Theta state, which is where deep healing can occur.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, a water bottle, and a journal.

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