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New Moon & Solar Eclipse Sound Circle

Join us for an evening of sound immersion and intention setting at this powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo!!!  This is a massive RESET time where you can absolutely change your life in the midst of this Eclipse portal!  It is time to get clear with your intentions, what your heart truly wants, and what you are manifesting in your life.  With new insights, the past few months of hard lessons, and a creative outlook, you can use this New Moon to consider a new direction in some area of life.

Take some time to ask these questions: What am I completing? What do I need to complete? What truth is allowing me to shift priorities? What truth is supporting me to cut something loose? How is this making space for a new direction? How can I support my creativity to take advantage of this opportunity?

With the use of crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, drums & bells, we will have a deep meditation and relaxation, while the sound vibrations impart healing onto the body, opening up the energy channels and clearing any blocks. 

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, a journal and a pen with the intentions for what you are going to create in your life.