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Solar Eclipse Sound Cirlce

We have a New Moon in Cancer & Solar Eclipse happening with the Sun & Moon opposite Pluto!!!  This is a very powerful, and potent New Moon!!  This new moon is launching us into the portal for the next month and a half!  This is going to be some massive intensity, change, transformations & breakthroughs if you are ready and willing to let go and move forward!

We will have a meditation to prepare us for the changes ahead, and move into our hearts and open our minds with the help of the crystal sound bowls.  It is imperative to stay centered, and in our heart during this time of unpredictability; there are some major World events that are anticipated to happen over the summer with the volatile political scene, and the Full Moon eclipse at the end of July activating the US natal chart!.

Some people expressed interest in having a CAMP OUT, with a bonfire after the circle, so I changed the day of circle to Saturday to accommodate those that want to stay out under the stars with me!  It will be a glorious night with Mars, Venus & Jupiter shining brightly just above the horizon, and without the glow of the Moon to illuminate the skies - the Milky Way will surely be in her full glory!!  Bring a tent and everything you need to camp, and also bring a journal & a pen to set some new intentions for setting forth to live your Truth!