"The Medicine is in the Melody"

A solo shop healing salon, and locally owned & operated micro artisan apothecary using 100% natural organic ingredients, hand-crafted wild herbs, and high frequency essential oils. 

Everything in the universe has a current, an energy, a vibration; all things hum along & resonate at a particular frequency.  When you fine tune the ‘melody’ that your cells are listening to, your body can heal.  This restores your homeostasis, returning your cells back to their perfect state of origin.  Watch the events page to come and experience a sound bath with Crystal & Tibetan bowls, song, chimes, etc. or book in for a Shamanic healing and clearing through song, various musical and healing tools.

Services are provided in the Ammolite Healing Centre in Cochrane on Mon-Wed-Fri & Saturdays, from 10AM-6PM.  Long-distance healing is also available for the same price, and the same benefit is achieved.  With the distance healing you will receive an email with a detailed description of the healing, along with any issues found, and any guidance provided from your Angels, Guides & Allies on how to attain your optimal state of well-being and what is required to support you on your path to wellness.